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Why Washing Your Car at Home Might Not Be the Best Idea

Owning any kind of vehicle doesn’t come without responsibility. As we are sure you already know, cars do require constant cleaning and maintenance to keep them in their best shape. So, the question is, do you have the time and energy to wash it every weekend? While you may enjoy doing it yourself at home, taking your car to a professional car washing service is not only convenient and time saving but also environmentally friendly. Here’s why:

Time and Money Savings

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Regularly washing cars at home can become costly and time-consuming. Add to that the cost of all the proper cleaning supplies and wax, and considering that the recommended washing is once a week or biweekly at the most, and you’ll see the numbers starting to go up, especially if there is more than one vehicle in your household.

Environmental Impact

Just consider the gallons of water that are needed to wash a car at home. Plus, what you may not realize is the environmental impact that home-washing your vehicles can have. All the soap and dirt wash away into storm sewers, which can, in turn, drain into local lakes and rivers, damaging the ecosystem. 

We have systems in place to recycle up to 85% of the water we use, and our proprietary blend of eleven cleaning and polishing solutions are non-abrasive and environmentally safe. We never use any products that contain hydrofluoric acids, helping to keep your vehicle, the environment, and our employees safe during the car washing process.

Expert and Professional Services

Let’s face it, for as simple as it may be; no one is a specialist in everything. We know that you love your car and want it to have the best care possible, so why not leave it in the hands of the experts? At Mike’s Auto Spa, we have expert trained staff that can perform complete car washes and detail, take care of cleaning your business fleet, and even do windshield chip repair.

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We are a one-stop car wash shop focused on providing only the highest quality vehicle cleaning and care services with the best customer attention and prices in Metro Denver. Bring your vehicle for a complete car wash and detailing service to any of our two locations in Lakewood or Westminster, and we guarantee it will leave our facilities sparkling inside and out!