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The Importance of Washing Your Car in Autumn

It would not be long before the weather gets iffy in Colorado if that time hasn’t already arrived. And, with winter on the horizon, most people may not feel the need to wash or wax their cars in anticipation of the coming days of snow and salt.

However, professional car washers recommend getting your car washed and waxed to shield it from the damaging effects of fall debris such as leaves, sap, mud, and tar. But, other than taking action with these two vital steps, there are other things you can do to keep your vehicle in pristine conditions throughout autumn.

4 Car Care Tips during Fall

1) Remove Any Debris from the Windshield

Fall can bring some challenging driving conditions. It gets cold and dark earlier, and in states like Colorado, storms can be frequent. To have a perfect visibility for those situations, you will want to brush off any bird droppings, bug splatter, dirt, leaves, and mud among others, when present.

importance of washing your car in autumn

2) Check the Wipers

Ensure that they can wipe water and grime away efficiently and quickly. Keep a cloth and antifreeze solution in the car. The inclement weather of early winter can wreak havoc on your ride faster than you can imagine. If the wipers are not working as expected, replace them immediately.

3) Vacuum the Interior

The cold seasons can damage the cabin of a car quickly enough. Contaminants such as dirt and mud can accumulate on the floor mats, and fingerprints can smudge the dash and windows. Don’t let these things sit for too long, so vacuum and wipe the interior as soon as you have the time.

4) Don’t Forget Regular Maintenance

Brake pads, tires, the engine, and other elementary components of the vehicle should be checked and regularly maintained to keep the car operating at peak performance. Remember that you will need perfect brakes for slippery fall and winter roads, and good tires to get a good grip on the surface.

Washing Your Car in Autumn

Bring your car to Mike’s Auto Spa to keep it in pristine conditions

Autumn may be a beautiful kaleidoscope of amazing colors, but your car could beg to differ. Whenever you are not busy taking in all that this lovely season has to offer, give a little love to your ride by washing and waxing it. And, if you do not have the time, come to the best car wash company in Denver. At Mike Auto Spa we have the best car detailers, cleaning products, and car wash packages in the area!

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