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Clean Car Windows Are Vital for Safe Driving

Keeping your car’s glass and mirror components clean and clear will not only make your ride look good, but it will also help you drive better and safer, especially during the winter. There are many reasons why your windshield, side, or rear windows may need to be cleaned even if it is not yet time to wash the entire vehicle, so today we want to give you some advice and tips to clean your car windows efficiently.

1) Use Ammonia-Free Glass Cleaners

Windshield safe glass cleaners

Ammonia is a common ingredient in commercial household cleaners because it is great to dissolve and remove grease and other residues; however, when it comes to vehicles, it is another story, as it dries out the plastic, rubber, vinyl, leather, and damages tinted windows. So, make sure that the cleaner you use is labeled “ammonia-free” or “tinted windows safe.”

2) Use a High-Quality Micro-Fiber Towel

This material is perfect for car cleaning purposes, as it provides a gentle scrubbing action to help remove contamination without damaging the vehicle’s finish. If you don’t have an ammonia-free glass cleaner handy and need to clean your windshield, a microfiber towel and water can help remove most of the dirt or bug residues pretty good. 

3) Clean the Windows Last and Follow an Order

If you are detailing or washing your vehicle, the last thing you should clean is your windows; that way, you avoid re-contaminating the glass by over sprays, rinsing, touching, etc. Whether you start from the inside out or the other way around it’s entirely up to you; however, try to follow an order to avoid missing one or over-spraying an adjacent area. If it is a sunny day, make sure to work on smaller areas at a time to prevent the cleaner drying out on the glass, creating spots.

4) Wipe the Wipers!

Don’t forget about them, for wipers are essential to maintaining your windshield streak and scratch-free. Dried out or cracked wipers won’t remove the water as they should, impairing your visibility when you need them the most. Check them now and then to make sure the rubber is still intact, and you can clean them with the same ammonia-free glass cleaner used on the windshield. Replace them when necessary, especially when torrential rains are in the forecast. 

How to clean your wipers

At Mike’s Auto Spa in Denver, we want you to stay safe on the road during the winter and year-round. Ask us about the best products to use for cleaning your windshield, removing water spots, and eliminating smoker’s film. We also want your vehicle to be protected from road salt damage as much as possible, so we offer an Underbody Wash with Rust Inhibitor at both of our full-service car wash shops in Lakewood and Westminster.