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Cleaning the Interior Roof of a Car

The headliner is the name given to the material covering the interior part of the ceiling. This part of the vehicle goes years without being cleaned. When detailing the interior of your car, do not forget the headliner as it can hold a significant amount of dirt and contaminants.

Things like cigarette smoke, pet odors and other smells and germs from passengers coughing and sneezing, among many other things, are all almost immediately absorbed and held in the material of the headlining.

Headlining Cleaning

All you need is a microfiber towel, an interior, non-ammonia cleaning product, and know the source of the mess.

Tackle Organic Messes

Use this method for getting rid of coffee stains, soda, smoke stains and other organic and water-based stains.

Spray your upholstery cleaner on a towel, then dab and wipe the car ceiling fabric gently. This will transfer the stain from the headliner to the towel. Keep on dabbing until you see that the stain disappears.

Cleaning Greasy or Oily Spotsvehicle detailing packages in Westminster

For oil-based and petroleum stains like crayon, ink, and lipstick, repeat the same process for cleaning organic messes. Now, take a clean microfiber towel; get it pretty wet with the degreaser then gently rub the stain and watch it break down. Keep using a clean area on the towel, soaked with the degreaser product and gently rubbing the affected area until the stain thins all the way out and finally goes away.


  • Do not rub hard the dirty surfaces
  • Never use brushes and vacuums on the sensitive surface
  • Always test any cleaning product in an inconspicuous spot
  • Use non-ammonia products
  • Open the windows for ventilation
  • Use a natural deodorizer to keep your car smelling good

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