Located in Wesminster

Family owned and Operated since 2009

Over 1.8 Million Cars Washed

We used a Hybrid washing process whereby we remove all harsh abrasive material found on your vehicle body surfaces by first using a high-pressure water to remove all dirt and grime from the surface of your vehicle before it enters the car wash tunnel.

We then repeat this process by first applying a Hot Foaming environmentally safe detergent to all surfaces of your vehicle. The detergent is allowed to rest on the vehicle surface before the second application of high-pressure water which safely lifts the remaining dirt from the surface of your vehicle.

We then apply soft cloth cleaning wraps that work with our proprietary blend of eleven cleaning and polishing solutions which provide our clients with a non-abrasive and environmentally safe way to clean and polish your vehicle. We never use any products that contain hydrofluoric acids. That keeps your vehicle, the environment, and our employees safe.

Full Service Car Wash

Mike’s Auto Spa is proud to support our communities, local charities, local sports teams, High School Teams and much more!