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Soft Touch vs. Touchless Car Washing

One of the common questions often asked at a car wash is: which is better, soft touch or touchless car washing? Both car wash types have advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Types of Automatic Car Wash

Soft Cloth Carwash

This type of car wash provides a superior way to clean away organic matter (insects, pollen, dirt, bird droppings and similar matter) and inorganic matter (hard water spots, road film, salt and other inorganic matter) from your vehicle. It may also be referred to as a friction or soft cloth wash. soft touch car wash in Colorado

This automatic car washing option washes the areas on your vehicle that are often hard to get (rocker panels, the front area near the license plate and the back of your vehicle) most effectively. It also gets rid of the “eyebrow” like shape that the wiper blades can cause on your windshield.

The soft cloth method can exacerbate pre-existing conditions (loose mirrors, loose molding, and nonfunctioning power antennas, among others.). If something on the car was broken before, chances are it may be more damaged after the wash.

If the surface of a vehicle is not well emulsified before getting in touch with the cloth (foam conditioner or power spray applied at first arch), the cloth can use the soils against the car and cause scratches.

Touch-Free Car Wash

Also referred as touchless or brushless, this means that nothing touches the vehicle for this wash type. In this process, high-pressure water and chemicals do the cleaning. Technology has progressed a lot in recent years and the sensors used in this type of car wash can actually “view” the vehicle and follow its unique contour for an efficient clean. Furthermore, the possibility of car damage is significantly reduced.

touchless car washing in ColoradoTouch-free can wash a broad spectrum of vehicle types (oversize, dually’s, among others). However, it can take longer than the soft cloth method, resulting in extended wait times.

Finally, the brushless type of car washes uses a lot of chemicals throughout the washing process. If the wrong ratio of chemicals is used, it can cause damage like staining the paint on your vehicle.

Neither of both car wash methods is best. The type of car wash you choose will depend on a number of factors, such as the quality, time available and the impact on the environment. The bottom line is, before entrusting your car to a facility, we highly recommend that you do your research to ensure you choose the best car wash option.

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