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Things to Avoid When Washing a Classic Car

You have already invested a lot of time and money in restoring your vintage ride to its original glory, and you would like to protect your classic beauty for a long, long time, right? After all, these cars do not come cheap. So, how should you care for it? It all starts with avoiding the things you should not do when washing a classic car.

Washing a Classic Car: Four Don’ts

1. Don’t Wash in An Open Area

Washing a classic car in an open area will accelerate premature aging and damage because direct sunlight fades vehicle paint. Heat from sunlight can cause fast drying of soap and water, leaving undesired watermarks that can prove difficult to remove.

2. Do Not Wash Your Classic Car in One Go

If you do, water will run everywhere – and you do not want this to happen. Remember that where there are wet areas, rust won’t be far behind. The best way to wash your precious possession is by steam cleaning. This method lifts dirt without the need for soaking anything with water, so drying is fast and easy.

Tips to Wash a Classic Car

3. Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

Auto detailing products can make your car rust, as they contain harsh chemicals that can cut through lacquer paint leaving the area exposed to the elements. To avoid this, use organic products.

4. Never Use Dishwashing Soap

Dishwashing soaps are for dishes; they are not formulated for cleaning your car. Instead, use an organic car wash shampoo, or better yet, use steam.

Avoid these common mistakes and you will extend the beauty of your vintage ride!

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