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Removing Bird Droppings from Your Car with Baking Soda

Bird droppings on your car are nothing but trouble. Once you detect bird poo on your car paint or windshield you want to remove it a soon as possible. If you go back to your car after a hard days work or perhaps coming back from the movies and you see your vehicle covered in bird poo, worry not! There is a simple way of removing this impurity from your car.

Car Paint

cleaning bird droppingsTo clean bird droppings off your car, dissolve four tablespoons baking soda in one quart of warm water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and then apply it to the droppings. Let it sit for at least six minutes to soften up and dissolve the contaminant. The baking soda will neutralize the acid present in the poo that could otherwise etch your paint. Once the excrement is loosened up, use a hose to spray it off your vehicle. Once the poo is gone, give your car a thorough wash.


If the affected area is your windshield, just buy a club soda and apply it directly to the area in question. Then wait around five minutes and run your wipers as usual and it should come right off! The club soda is a great alternative for removing these impurities because you can find it anywhere and it is affordable. Plus, its components will not harm your cars paint job. You can even use it to remove droppings from the paint, windows, and other surfaces.

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