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Cleaning Practices That Can Damage Your Car

At Mike’s Auto Spa, we have a passion for boats, cars, trucks, and vehicles in general, and we know many of our customers do as well. That is why we would like to share our knowledge. There are specific cleaning practices that can ruin your car. Here are three household cleaning products you should avoid when cleaning your car.

Acidic Wheel Cleaners

Whenever you need to clean your wheels and remove brake dust that gets stuck onto your wheels from regular driving, keep in mind that what you are trying to eliminate is the acidity. Many household cleaners are themselves acidic. The acidity of these products will do the opposite of what you are trying to prevent when you remove brake dust. That is why professional car detailers recommend buying a wheel cleaner that is pH balanced for these type of metal wheels.

Home Glass Cleaners

It sounds pretty natural to use the same cleaners you would for your house mirrors and windows. However, the chemicals that get the bathroom mirror sparkily will damage the interior part of your vehicle. That is because many glass cleaners contain ammonia, and this powerful chemical can stain the dashboard, interior trim, and upholstery. Instead, purchase a glass cleaner designed for automotive applications.Car Cleaning Tips

Household Detergents and Soaps

If the product is intended to wash dishes or your hands, then you should not use it for cleaning your vehicles. That also includes shampoos for your hair and any other cleaners formulated to break down grease and oil molecules. That same cutting power can eat your car wax. Without the wax, your car is exposed to getting micro-scratches and fading caused by ultra violate rays. Rather than using those cleaners, buy a product formulated for automobiles. In this way, you will ensure that you remove the dirt and road dust without compromising your wax and damaging the paint.

With the above car cleaning tips, you will clean your car like a professional.professional car detailers

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