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Professional Car Detailers in Colorado

Start the warm season with the right foot by bringing your car to Mike’s Auto Spa. Whether your car is owned or a leased vehicle, here are some of the benefits of entrusting your vehicle to us:


Trusting your car to professionals will save valuable time and the hassle of detailing, washing, and waxing your vehicle at home. Plus, it is also very convenient as we offer other services including rain check. If within 48-hours after you leave our auto spa it rains, visit us again and we will rewash your vehicle for free!

Fewer Penalties

Sanctions when returning a leased vehicle are often associated with maintenance and cleaning neglect. We offer the best car washes and detailing packages to maintain the interior and exterior of any vehicle in top conditions. This is an investment that saves you from ponying up cash for lease-return penalties.

Peace of Mind

professional car detailers in Colorado

Expert detailer spraying window detergent on a Chevy

At Mike’s Auto Spa, we do our best to provide you with the latest technology available to clean your Car, Truck, SUV, RV, or boat and the peace of mind that your precious possession will not be negatively affected during the process.

Protect Your Car Paint

We are 100% brush-less! This means that there are no brushes involved in our washing process. Even though we know that brushes can get your ride clean, they can also damage your car’s paint job, leaving it dull or hazy. Our brushless system washes your vehicle with the help of computer-controlled sprays and the gentleness of a soft cloth for the added shine that will leave no marks or a dull finish.

Check out our blog section for tips to make sure your car sparkles as spring approaches.

We are a full-service detail Auto Spa in Westminster, Colorado. Let us make your car shine again. Please browse our website to learn more about our car wash and car detailing packages in Westminster, Colorado.

professional car wash shop in Westminster