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Tips to Help Your Car Survive a Road Trip

Keeping your vehicle clean during a road trip can be a challenging task. There’s always fast food bags, drink bottles and that random smell that you just can’t locate. Worry not! Here we show you what to do to make your car survive a road trip.

Stomp Your Feet

Before stepping in your car, stomp your feet to knock the dirt and other debris off your shoes. This simple practice will help you keep extra dirt and mess off the floor of your ride.

Carry Plastic Bags

Those plastic grocery bags come handy whenever you need a place to put trash in your car. They are a very convenient size for a car too.

Get Rid of Trash

When you stop for fuel, or at your favorite diner for breakfast, or simply to stretch your legs at the next rest stop, don’t forget to dump your bag of trash in a nearby trash can.

tips to keep your car clean

Stay Organized

This one applies especially if you are traveling with kids. Often, the back seat can become unorganized quickly. Keep your kids happy and the back seat clean by organizing travel books, games, and toys in a storage container. Another good idea is using an over-the-door shoe rack for the same purposes. Simply drape it over the driver or passenger seat.

Avoid Drive-Thru Restaurants

One of the best ways to keep small messes contained is by simply not eating in the car. Then, you won’t have to worry about dropped food, spilled drinks, and unnecessary trash if you avoid the drive-thru restaurants. Instead, find a picnic table, spread a blanket out on the grass at a park, and share with your family those road trip precious moments.

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