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Exterior Car Cleaning Tips

Giving the family vehicle a thorough outside wash will protect your investment and make it a nicer place to be on those long drives to vacation destinations. Here are some exterior car cleaning tips to prepare for summer road trips.

Exterior Body

Cleaning the exterior of your car is always in your best interest. All you need is a bucket, hose, soft towel or wash sponge, and a non-abrasive soap to wash the vehicle down. Avoid washing your precious possession in direct sunlight.

Use a new and clean sponge for the tires and wheels.

Under the Hood

Look under the hood to detect any debris, dirt, leaves, and other foreign particles that can get into the engine area. Sometimes, just wiping down the edges is enough. In other cases, you will need to clean engine parts with automotive car-wash soap or plain soap and water. Be careful, though, to avoid water from reaching the cable junctions, fuse box, and the large electrical connectors near the firewall. You can hire professional car detailers to do the task for you.


Exterior Car Cleaning Tips

Waxing the exterior of the car is always a good idea, not only does it protect the paint job but shields it against insect splatter, bird pooh and other elements. Just remember to do it in a shaded place as too much heat can make it hard to remove the wax later. If you are using a new spray or liquid wax, test it on a hidden portion of the car body to ensure it works properly.

Replace Wipers

If you have not yet changed your windshield wipers, then it is time to do it. Having wipers in good working order is necessary, especially if you are going on a long trip.

Stay tuned for more tips to restore the shine of your car.

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