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The Auto Upholstery Shield

Spilled drinks, fast food, or muddy pet paws are just a few of the possible messes your seats will eventually endure. If you want to protect them from these hazards, you may want to consider getting car seat covers. Seat protectors not only keep stains away but enhance car seat aesthetics and functionality.

So, buying seat covers that match your vehicle’s style involves selecting the right type of fabric. Here is a basic guide to help you make a savvy decision.

Most Common Car Seat Cover Materials


A heavy-weave, textured, a versatile material made of a cotton and polyester blend. It is washable, keeps dirt and stains away, maintains comfort over time, and naturally cool in warm temperatures. Ideal for vehicles carrying children and pets.

Leatherleather car seat cover

Available as real or synthetic. Seat covers made of this material are designed to be a snug fit on the chair. Features include resistance to UV rays, stays cool in warm temperatures, and become softer over time. Perfect for a luxurious appearance.


Neoprene is amazingly resistant to water. Ideal for off-road enthusiasts who like to get really messy.


This fabric is an excellent choice if you want the comfort of leather seats but prefer a softer surface.

Velourprotect car upholstery

Soft and stretchy yet durable fabric, made of cotton, polyester, and spandex. This covers, are easy spot-cleaning, affordable, and do not get heated like standard upholstery when your vehicle is parked under the sun. They also absorb sweat from the body of the occupants which makes the preferred choice for Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) owners.


Vinyl covers are manufactured from an ethylene and chlorine blend, which makes this fabric exceptionally water-resistant. It is easy to clean and stain-resistant. An ideal choice for those who value low maintenance and durability.

Regardless the material you choose, these essential car accessories require proper care.

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