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Importance of Keeping Your Uber Vehicle Clean

If you are an Uber driver, you know that keeping your car fresh and clean will help you gain the trust of your customers. Here are more reasons why a clean car is advantageous for Uber drivers.

Make Customers Come Back

A good smelling and clean car is a synonym of comfortability. If you want to see your customers, again and again, making them comfortable in a car that has been detailed, is a great way to achieve that.

professional car wash & detailing in Colorado

Keeps Your Ratings Up

A car in pristine condition will get you high ratings. Anything less than a five-star evaluation on Uber is costing you money. So, before getting bad ratings, bring your car to Mikes Auto Spa for a professional car wash & detailing in Colorado.

It Is a Requirement

car wash uberUber requires that you keep your car clean. Even if it’s not Uber that will be checking up on you, your customers will notice a bad detailed vehicle. A single complaint about the cleanliness of your car could get you kicked out of the business for good.

A car that is in pristine condition is an excellent way to give yourself an advantage over other Uber drivers. By focusing on delivering a professional, clean ride, you can get more customers, thus making more money. Trust Mike’s Auto Spa to keep your image intact.

Full-Service Auto Detailing for Uber Drivers in Colorado

Mike’s Auto Spa teams up with Uber drivers to offer the best deals in Colorado. We will cover the expenses for your Uber trip up to $20.00 while your car is getting professionally detailed. Also, we have the best membership packages for Uber drivers in the area.

Monthly memberships for UBER Drivers registered cars start as low as $19.95 for unlimited Exterior Only Wash Service and $33.00 a Month for our Unlimited Premier Wash Package. Call us at 303-460-3866 find more about how you can partner with Mike’s Auto Spa.