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Choosing the Car Wash That Works For You

Your vehicle is an important part of your life and you want to ensure that it always looks good. So, make sure to clean it regularly. Washing your car regularly is an important part of routine vehicle maintenance because it helps to maintain your undercarriage, wheels, and paint job.

Many people decide to wash their vehicles by hand at home. However, if you do not have a driveway or you simply do not want to mess it up, there are a number of car wash services you can consider.

Car Wash Alternatives

Self-Service Car Washhave your can cleaned by professionals

If you prefer to wash your vehicle yourself, but want to avoid buying all of the necessary products to do so, a self-service car wash is a solid option. You will usually pay a fee at a self-service car wash and then use the provided foam brush and water jet to do the cleaning. You should bring your own drying towels just in case the car wash does not provide them. Another thing to know about a self-service car wash is that most of them have a vacuum that is operated by coins that you can use for your vehicle’s interior.

Hand-Wash Service

A hand-wash car service has employees wash your car and they are trained to ensure a proper and safe cleaning experience. After a thorough hand washing, they rinse away all of the cleaner and ensure a thorough drying of your vehicle with towels that will not harm the paint. They vacuum the vehicle’s interior to complete the job. You can find this type of service in various parking garages and dedicated car washes.

Automated Car Wash

An automated car wash is a type of system that utilizes cloth friction and brushes along with soap and water to ensure a thorough cleaning. Vacuuming services and manual polishing may be part of the package at some automated car washes. This is a quick and easy car wash to keep your vehicle clean and remove things like road salt and sand so they cannot sit on the paint and cause damage.

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