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Cleaning Your Vehicle Wraps Through Car Washes

Even though most vehicle wraps & graphics can be taken through a car wash, it is best to avoid this kind of car cleaning because it increases the risk of producing irreversible damage to the vinyl.

Things that can damage your vehicle wrap include high-pressure water jets, employed at some automated car wash companies, that can lift the edges of the vinyl material, causing unsightly gaps or rips in your wrap. Also, brushes with harsh bristles can produce tearing and rip off your particular vinyl wrap.

automatic car wash

Self-serve car washes are not recommended either, as they provide you with a high-pressure sprayer and brush. Firstly, you have to have experience in using the high-pressure sprayer. If you approach the sprayer too close to your car or truck, it can cause the same damage as water jets in an automatic car wash. Secondly, brushes could have trapped lots of debris and grime from previous vehicle washes, so you will most likely end up applying those impurities onto your the surface of your car or truck, causing scratches and blemishes.

With that being said, the best way to keep your wrapped vehicle clean is to wash it by hand.

Hand-Washing Your Car Wrap

To hand-wash your car you will need a microfiber cloth, a soft sponge, and non-abrasive soap. Cleaning a wrap is a straightforward process, but better still, you can also use a waterless car wash to keep your ride clean while protecting the paint and vinyl.

car hand wash

Never spray the vehicle with the full force of a hose nozzle too close, as too much pressure in some areas might lift seams, creating gaps and possibly tearing the vinyl.

You can always take your vehicle wrap to be washed by hand at a reliable auto spa like Mike’s Auto Spa in Colorado.

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