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Four Creative Ways of Removing Cat Hair from Car Seats

If you are like me, probably you don’t like to put your hairy buddy into a cage or carrier for short rides. Traveling with your pet and letting your cat roam freely in the car will spare your animal the stress of a carrier, but your seats will end-up with tons of hair. Here we share four creative ways for removing cat hair from your upholstery.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is not just for fixing things. You can also fold it over inside out making a loop and put your hand inside. Press the tape against the seat firmly. Use it to remove all those nasty hairs from your car seats; it works great!

removing cat’s hair from your upholsteryDryer Sheet

Use a dryer sheet to easily remove your pet’s hair from all surfaces of your car. The best part is that you won’t need to dampen it with water or any other solution. Just run the dryer sheet over all the affected areas, to collect as much hair as possible.


This doesn’t mean that you are going to electrocute your seats! Just grab one household kitchen rubber glove and start rubbing the upholstery. The static electricity created by this action will trap the hairs in the glove.


Just like a rubber glove, balloons are great for picking up hair. You can complement this method by vacuuming your car seats for better results.

Preventing Cat Hair from Soiling Your Car Seats

Cover your seats with a sheet or blanket to minimize the amount of hair on your car seats. You can also buy commercial car seat covers designed for the same purpose. Keep a lint brush or velcro curlers in your glove compartment to remove those stray hairs that get past your pet hair defenses.

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