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Clearing Your Car After a Snow Storm

Winter can be beautiful—provided it’s outside. However, it is less enticing when you have to go somewhere and your vehicle is covered with snow. We cannot change the weather, but we can give you the advice to get your car ready for snowy days.

Tips to Safely Remove Snow & Ice from Your Car

Driving with snow & ice on your vehicle is hazardous. Not only could it obstruct visibility while driving, but it could also cause an accident. Here are some tips for clearing off your car after a snow storm.

  • Use an ice scraper or a brush to take off snow and ice from the windshield; headlights, side mirrors, tailpipe, and wheel wells. Do not force the wipers, for if they are frozen in place, you risk damaging them or the motors.
  • If necessary, employ a de-icing fluid on the windshield (Remember: do not store it in your vehicle).
  • To get debris off of your vehicle’s roof, use caution and avoid scratching the paint by using a soft-bristled and clean broom. Anything rougher can cause damage to your vehicle’s paint.
  • Avoid using hot water to get rid of ice from the glass as it will cause it to shatter.
  • Use a step stool if your vehicle is too tall for you to easily reach it with your broom.
  • While you are clearing the exterior of your vehicle, help to melt snow from the windows by turning on your vehicle and the back and front window defrosters. (Do not stat the car too early, as you will waste gas. Also, do not idle in a closed garage).

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