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Best Way to Clean the Inside of the Windshield

Most of the blogs out there about windshield cleaning refer to the exterior surface. You can find tons of information about how to remove bird poops, dead bugs, and dirt from the environment. But we forget that the interior of this major glass surface should be cleaned as well. So, here is the best way to clean the inside of your car’s windshield.


  • Two microfiber towels
  • Rubbing alcohol or a magnetic eraser
  • Glass cleaner


Wipe down the windshield with a dry microfiber towel, using a circular motion. Then move your hand up and down until you clean all the glass surface.

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Eliminate the Grease

You can use rubbing alcohol to remove oily substances. Apply a generous amount of the rubbing alcohol or a magnetic eraser onto the towel, then ring it out. Again, use circular motions to buff on, and vertical strokes to polish it off, and once done, wipe the surface dry with another towel.

Clear the Streaks

Spray your favorite glass cleaner onto a clean towel, and then apply it to the windshield. And move up and down to clear up any haze or streaks.

Extra Windshield Cleaning Tips

  • Wear rubber gloves and eye protection
  • Clean the exterior of the windshield first
  • Perform the tasks in a shaded area
  • Try to avoid the towel from touching the dashboard, avoiding transferring grease to that surface
  • If you bought new microfiber towels, remember to remove the tag
  • Avoid using protectants that are greasy or leaves a residue

You need to keep not only the exterior of the windshield clean but the inside to enhance the visibility, especially at night. Better visibility means safe driving.

Stay tuned for more car interior cleaning tips.

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