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The Best Tips to Make Your Car’s Dashboard Shine

A dirty dashboard is not only unpleasant but a threat to your health. Keeping it clean will protect you from bugs and germs that make this part of your vehicle their home. Here is how to get rid of the dirt and dust stuck in your dashboard.

What you need:

  • Soft microfiber cloth
  • Interior cleaner of your preference
  • Soft interior dash brush and vent brush
  • Dashboard polish product

Dust the Dashboard

Start by dusting the dashboard. Mix a mild soap with water and dampen the microfiber cloth with this solution, then work around the affected area.

Remove Stubborn Grime and Dust

If your dashboard is still dirty, dab or spray a small amount of interior cleaner on a clean microfiber cloth, and then rub the cloth across the sticky surface.

Clean the Other Parts of Your Dash

cleaning your car's dashThe microfiber cloth will not reach certain areas to eliminate impurities. That is when the brushes come into play. Grab your dash and vent brush and run it over the dashboard knobs, handbrake, air vents, radio, gear shift, and any other crevices and spaces where foreign particles have accumulated.

Make Your Dash Shine

To make your dash look like new again, spray or pour a small amount of polish onto the cloth, and then run it over the clean dash.

Now you know how to achieve a mess-free dash!

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