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Car Glass Cleaning Considerations

Clean car mirrors, windows, and windshields not only makes your car look pristine, but it also helps you have a clear view while driving. Spotless glass surfaces enhance your visibility while driving. So, when you are ready to clean them, you may want to stay away from ammonia-based cleaners.

Problems of Using Ammonia Based Cleaners

Many glass cleaners contain ammonia, which is compound specially designed to cut grease, however, it doesn’t do any good when it comes to cleaning car glass.

Harmful Fumes

The fumes released when using products that contain this compound can be extremely harmful to health. Plus, when used in an enclosed space like a garage, these fumes tend to accumulate and can lead to several health consequences.


Car Glass Cleaning TipsYou will notice when a glass cleaner has ammonia because it will leave huge, ugly streaks across the glass. Streaks can lead to glare problems on the road, therefore, affecting your vision while driving. You will want to avoid this situation from happening. So, before buying any glass cleaner, remember to read the label and make sure it doesn’t contain ammonia.

Affects Car Parts

This harsh chemical is known to dry out several materials like plastic and rubber among others. Over time, it can impact the car frame thus affecting the firm grip on the glass. Plus, it will cause discolor and bubbles on windows with a film or tint. Also, it will ruin the windshield glass over time.

Don’t use household glass cleaners because almost all have ammonia as part of their formula. Instead, you can use Blackfire Wet Diamond Glass Cleaner, McKee’s 37 Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner, Mothers ReVision Glass + Surface Cleaner, and Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner.

Stay tuned to learn more tips on how to clean your vehicle.

Professional auto detailers in Colorado

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