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How to Clean Your Car Before Selling?

When it is time to sell your car, you want it to be in pristine condition.

Prospective car buyers typically are looking for a clean, reliable used car. If your vehicle lacks maintenance records, is cluttered or filthy, they will not see the beauty that may lie underneath those imperfections. That is why Mike’s Auto Spa expert detailers share with you four cleaning tricks, so your car is prepared for showtime!


Decluttering is one of the first things you will do before detailing the interior of your car. That means taking out the trash and personal items. Once you have taken out things that don’t belong in the car, you can start vacuuming.

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Clean the Floor Mats

After you thoroughly vacuum every spot in your car, including the upholstery, you can clean and scrub them. Or, if money is not a problem, you can just replace the old ones with new mats.

Make it Smell Good

No one wants to buy a car with a funky smell, so taking care of any odors is paramount. First, identify the source of the bad odor, open all the doors and windows. Clean and vacuum the smelly area. After you have removed the bad smell from your car, you can top it with a homemade car freshener.

Under The Hood

Clean Your Car Before SellingIt is easy to neglect, under the hood is a critical spot for looking at buying a car. Usually, dirt and dust accumulate on the engine bays. Use a wet cloth to wipe down all the plastic parts. And, don’t forget to pull out leaves and any other things that might have collected in this part of your car. You can also use compressed air to blow away these and other contaminants.

Do all of these tasks close to the time you plan to show the precious possession. In this way, no additional dirt or grime will collect on the car while it’s out.

Get Your Car Detailed in Colorado

Before selling your car, you will want to make sure it is pristine. Mike’s Auto Spa professional car detailers are prepared to pop the beauty out of your car so you can impress potential buyers. Call us at 303-460-3866 to schedule an appointment.