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Common Problems Caused by Improper Car Cleaning

The main purpose of cleaning your car is to keep it looking amazing for longer and to protect the finish. This is why many car owners wash their vehicle at home. So, just to make sure you are providing the proper care it deserves, we have put together a list of critical things you must not do to avoid water spots, ruining the finish and scratching or swirling your precious possession.

Water Spots

There are two basic ways your car can get water spots: Rain and water sprinklers. Water usually contains calcium, a component that is left after water evaporates. If not cleaned promptly, your car will look like a white polka dot fabric. The other scenario involves rain. While rain brings life into nature, it brings ruin to your car. When your car falls victim to acid rain, it is critical to remove it before it becomes a problem. These droplets of water, when ignored, will start etching into the paint. So, soon as you notice water drops, clean them away, keeping intact the appearance of your vehicle.avoid water spots on your car

There is a third way your ride can get water spots. When handwashing your car at home, it is important to keep in mind that dish soap or any detergent that contains hydrofluoric acids will result in etching watermarks. Worst, over time it will strip and dry out your paint.

Ruining the Finish

Besides avoiding incorrect products to clean your car, it is paramount to wash and dry it under shade. What happens is that sunlight bakes the soap onto your car’s surface. The result is ugly swirls and in the worst-case scenario lasting marks all over your car.

Scratches and Swirls

Reusing old things to give them new purpose is a good practice, however, this is not always true. When it comes to drying your car, old rags or t-shirts can do more harm than good. The reason behind this is because the material absorbs tiny particles that without noticing you will end up scrubbing against your car. This will result in scratches and swirls.avoid scratches on your car paint

With these simple pointers in mind, you will have peace of mind when washing your car at home.

Keep tuned to learn more hacks on car detailing. And remember, you can always trust your car to the professional detailers from Mike’s Auto Spa in Westminster. Check out our car wash packages on our website.