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As Coloradans, we all know how harsh the winters can be in our state and how cold it can get. Nevertheless, sometimes the unpredictable weather can still surprise us, and we wake up in the morning to a massive freeze.

At Mike’s Auto Spa we know the struggle is real when driving in freezing conditions; especially if you leave your car parked outside because most likely, you’ll find yourself having to scrape off ice and snow from your windshield, rear window, side mirrors, lights, and the roof of your car.

Colorado winter driving

How to Easily Remove Ice from Your Windshield

Are you familiar with the phrase “the best protection is prevention”? The best way to keep ice from building up on your vehicle’s windshield is to take action before it happens. If there’s no way for you to park in a garage, then you can try using a protective cover on your vehicle, or at least on the windshield, so next morning all you need to do is remove it without having to scrape anything off.

It will also be wise to keep a winter essentials kit in your trunk during the season so that you can be prepared for the unexpected. Make sure to include a bottle of de-icer along with an ice-scraper, for those times when getting down to it is unavoidable.

Some Household Tips to Remove Ice from Car Windows

  • Spraying a mixture of three parts white vinegar with one part water on your windshield will prevent the ice from forming overnight.
  • To defrost your wiper blades and the ice on the glass surface, you can spray a solution of two parts rubbing alcohol and one part water, so the ice melts via a chemical reaction that lowers the water freezing point.
  • Covering your side mirrors with a plastic bag overnight will prevent ice from forming on them.

snow tires for Colorado winter

At Mike’s Auto Spa, we want you to stay safe on the road during the winter. Ask us about the best products to use for cleaning your windshield and removing ice from your vehicle windows. We also want to help you protect your car from road salt damage as much as possible, so we offer an Underbody Wash with Rust Inhibitor at both of our Denver full-service car wash shops in Lakewood and Westminster.