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Five Ways to Decorate Your Ride

Christmas is here, and if you consider yourself a Chrismas loving person, decorating doesn’t have to stop at your front porch!  Here are some fun suggestions for decorating your vehicle for Christmas.

Adorn it with Greenery

Adding small holiday greens or berries on or in the vehicle will demonstrate your X-mas spirit. Putting decor inside is a good way to decorate without affecting the visibility or worrying about a wreath on your car grill.

Light it Up!

From varied colors to different styles, the options are limitless to create your own rolling Christmas display to brighten up the season.vehicle for Christmas detailing packages

Put Some Decals

Theme-like decals are perfect temporary decorations for your car. Stick the decals of your choice to the windows to add a subtle air of Christmas cheer while you are driving across town!

Take Advantage of Your Dashboard

Your dashboard presents an excellent opportunity for putting Christmas decorations. Just make sure they won’t disrupt your visibility. Try adding a small decoration or stuffed X-mas animal like a deer or a polar bear.

Top it with a Bow

This decoration is perfect if you are giving someone a new car for Christmas, or if your car is going to be parked for hours or days, it will do the trick. Just place a bow on the top of your vehicle.

Show that you enjoy the holiday season with these simple decoration ideas!

Get Your Car in Great Shape for Christmas

Does your car need to be detailed before the chill of winter weather sets in? Mike’s Auto Spa is happy to wash and detail your vehicle and make sure it is in great shape for the Christmas season! Call us at 303-460-3866 to learn more about our car detailing packages in Colorado.colorado car wash