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Importance of Winter Car Detailing

Winter is almost here, and even in beautiful Colorado, that means your car will be exposed to wet, snowy, and icy driving conditions. With this in mind, auto detailing means much more than just keeping cars looking good, it is more about protecting your precious possession from the safety risks that come from winter wear and tear.

Preserve the Paintjob

Removing road salts and other contaminants from the car surfaces will preserve the paint job as you will be eliminating the risk of corrosion. You can shield your car against rust with some products such as high-quality wax or rust-proofing sprays that are mineral oil-based.

Avoid Premature Corrosionwinter car autodetailing

Do not underestimate the power of road salts and other corrosive elements. When these components stay for too long stuck to your car paint and other parts, they will accelerate the chemical reaction between iron and water, plus it will promote galvanic corrosion throughout the car. The result will be a dull look and in the worst-case scenario, perforated parts.

Protect the Resale Value of Your Car

A neglected car will repel buyers. Contrary, a good-maintained paint improves the aesthetic quality of your precious possession and also helps you to sell your car better.

Get Your Car Professionally Detailed in Colorado

car wash & detailing services in Colorado

Mike’s Auto Spa has a crew of detailers that take advantage of getting the exterior of your vehicle virtually impenetrable to the dirtying effects of rust. We will not only give a thorough wash to the exterior your vehicle but also clean the underbody and detail its interior. The best part is that we are environmentally conscious and use earth-friendly products and equipment that reduces waste while ensuring that your vehicle comes out scratch-free and looking like brand new. Call us at 303-460-3866 to learn more about our car wash & detailing services in Colorado.