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Interior Car Detailing Tips

We have been stressing the importance of auto-exterior detailing, and how essential it is to keep your car paint intact. But caring for your car should also include interior cleaning. Here are some tips from our experts so you can detail the interior of your car like a professional.

Removing the Dust

interior detailing packagesBefore you start with the process, open the windows. Then, with the help of compressed air, blast out dust and grime that’s stuck in crannies and nooks. Blow debris away from the air vents, gear console, radio, and seat rails. Remember to vacuum the carpets as well.

Cleaning Leather Seats and Trim

Apply a high-quality leather cleaning product onto each section of the leather seats and trim. Wipe them down with a soft cloth. Once the surfaces are clean, apply the leather conditioner of your detailing

For vinyl surfaces, use a solution specifically formulated for vinyl and a scrub brush with gentle bristles. When you are finished cleaning, reinforce with a vinyl protectant to keep the material pliable and soft.

Freshening Carpet and Fabric Upholstery

With the help of a stiff bristle brush apply a foaming shampoo and scrub dirt and stains away. Next, wipe everything down with a dry microfiber towel or just leave the doors and windows open to let it dry naturally.

Cleaning Windows

Use an ammonia-free glass cleaner. Pour a bit of the product onto a clean cloth and start working your way around the windows. Lastly, buff the glass with a microfiber cloth to eliminate the lingering cleaner that can cause undesirable spots and streaks.

Detailing the interior of your vehicle is just as important as detailing the exterior. Dirt, contaminants, and grime get ground into the floor coverings, even if you have floor mats. Over time, these foreign particles get ground into the seats. With Mike’s Auto Spa interior detailing packages, we will make your car survive the long winter months. Call us at 303-460-3866.