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A Simple Guide To Cleaning Your Tires

When caring for your car, don’t forget to clean the tires and wheels.

If you allow foreign particles to sit on your wheels for a prolonged period, they can eat the coating and corrode the metal. Things like brake dust that are highly corrosive will damage the wheels. Regular cleaning is the only way to avoid premature deterioration of tires and wheels. Here is a simple guide so you can properly clean your tires and keep them looking great for longer.

Prepare Your Tire

Prepare the tires for receiving the cleaning solution. Water comes first and then the cleaning product. As it is frequently suggested, use only products that do not contain harsh compounds like formaldehyde or raw silicone. Otherwise, the rubber of your tires will deteriorate quicker. Leave the cleaner in the tire for 10 minutes for it can break up dirt and grime.


Next, use a gentle brush and start scrubbing the tire and the wheel. Rinse both tire and wheel to eliminate the remaining impurities.

Tires & Wheel Cleaning Tips


Lastly, dry both the tires and the wheels with a microfiber cloth to eliminate the risk of water spots.

Tire & Wheel Cleaning Tips

  • As a general rule of thumb, clean your tires before you wash your wheels.
  • Do not wash your wheels after a long drive to avoid damaging the finish.
  • Always allow the wheels to cool before starting the cleaning process.
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Clean Wheels & Tires

Following this advice from the experts will help you eliminate dust and dirt recovering the nice look again. Or if you prefer a professional touch, you can also bring it to Mikes Auto Spa in Denver. Our experts will professionally clean the whole vehicle and detail your wheels. We have the best car wash packages in the area.