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Winter Driving Tips

Winter weather brings with it the most challenging driving conditions faced by Coloradans drivers. Along with snowstorms and high winds, extreme temperatures contribute to an increment in serious accidents every single year. That is why it is paramount to learn how to drive in snowy and icy conditions. Mike’s Auto Spa expert detailers share with you today the most important winter driving tips.

Watch the Weather Report

Winter Driving Tips

One of the best ways to make correct decisions is by knowing in advance what you will be facing. Weather reports will give you knowledge about the obstacles you may encounter during a trip. If your destination is very far away, delay the trip when severe weather is expected. Long-distance rides in lousy weather increase the risks of accidents on the road.

Avoid Going too Fast

This is the number one winter driving tip, regardless of the season. But, during winter you should drive more carefully as the roads can get slippery.

Take Extra Considerations

With slippery roads, it is critical to look ahead to anticipate what you will need to do next. This includes slowing way down for turns. Allow double the stopping distance when the road is wet, triple on snow, and even more on ice.

Wash Your Car in Winter

Always make sure your vehicle is in peak condition by having it inspected by professionals. Also, don’t forget to wash it regularly, especially make sure that your windshield is clean and clear of ice and snow. Good visibility on the road is critical.wash your car in winter

Following the above tips, can help you arrive at your destination in one piece, keeping your car in the best condition.

Treat Your Ride To a Full Detail Experience

Cars need proper care and maintenance to stay at its best, keeping drivers and passengers safe.

Visit Mike’s Auto Spa in Colorado to treat our ride to a full detail experience in winter. We have the best car washing staff, equipment and products to keep your vehicle clean, and you and your family safe.