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Get Your Car Ready For Sale

When you provide proper maintenance to your ride, it is less quick to be damaged by external factors that may result in dings, dents, creases, or any other scratches to your car’s paint. If you are planning to sell it, a clean vehicle is automatically a more valuable product. For optimal results, we highly recommend taking your car to a professional car detailer. Proficient experts will restore its full glory. However, before you take it to a car detailer, you can clean your car by following some easy tips:

Wash Away Dirt

First, loosen the dirt on all sides of the car. You can do this by running a pressure water gun or a high-pressure garden hose all over your vehicle’s surfaces, and the undercarriage, wheels, and wheel arches as well.

Keep It Simple

When soaping the car, use two buckets; one filled with clean water and the other with shampoo in it. Be sure to use a well-cleaned sponge every time you clean your car. After every use, the sponge must be rinsed in the bucket of clean water. As a result, the dirt will get trapped in the bucket filled with clean water. By doing this, you will minimize the risk of scratches that may damage the paintwork as you wash your precious possession.

Cleaning the Wheelsa car detailer

Before you even start with the wheel cleaning task, make sure they are cold to touch to avoid ruining the finish. Start cleaning them with an eco-friendly soap. Rinse them off before you start washing the vehicle’s body to avoid dirt from the wheels splashing onto the clean car’s surface.

From the Top to the Bottom

Start from the roof and then work your way down to the bottom parts of your car. Remember to wash your car under a shaded spot, and rinse it off before the paintwork dries completely to avoid streaks. Repeat afterward if necessary.

Don’t Forget the Glass Parts

The windshield and windows in pristine condition are integral to your car’s overall appearance. If not cleaned properly, they can spoil the overall look and feel of your vehicle. Use glass polish to remove the fine scratches and cut glare from the sun.

Let Professionals Care the Rest

Stop by a reputable car wash service provider to make your car sparkling clean.

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