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Washing an Electric Car

If you are one of those electric car owners, who is wondering whether a fully electric vehicle (EV) can be driven through a regular car wash, you have come to the right place.

We all remember how our school teacher told us that water and electricity don’t mix. This statement is not true when it comes to washing an EV. Just like any regular car, these vehicles are designed to be driven anywhere in all weathers. So, it is safe to use a regular drive-through car wash for your EV. Here is what you need to take into account when selecting a car wash service.

Avoid Abrasive Brushes

Make sure the car wash shop doesn’t use abrasive brushes (instead of cloth), which can leave small scratches on a car finish.

Watch Out for The After-Wash Wipe-Down

When a full-service car wash shop offers hand-wiped by attendants beware, especially on busy days, when many other vehicles have gone ahead of you. The attendants must use fresh, clean (and soft) towels to do so. If not, it is best to drive away wet. Dirt and other abrasive particles that are trapped in the towels can scratch the finish.

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Lookout for “Extras”

If the wash offers an undercarriage bath, it is worth the extra cost. The water sprayed directly under the car can loosen the accumulated road salts, grime and other elements that would impossible to remove yourself using a garden hose.

Spray-on Wax, YES or NO

It can often add at least two dollars to the cost of the wash, and even though it is a good product, it is no replacement for hand-applied polish or wax. Spray-on “wax” may provide a short-term improvement but it doesn’t protect against UV damage the same way that hand-applied wax does.

Stay tuned for more tips for driving through a car wash.colorado car wash

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