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Exterior Trim Maintenance Guide

First, trim is everything added to a car that makes it look nice rather than flat. Trim items include things like the chrome bumpers, emblems, antennas, rubber door guards, bumper guards, window molding, and window wipers are just a few examples. Also, horns, leather straps, hood ornaments and exposed exhaust manifolds on Classic and antique cars.

Just like the paint job of your car, if neglected, they will become dirty, dull, dry, polluted and worn, which will ruin the appearance of your ride. If not well-protected, harmful ordinary oxygen, ozone, and UV rays will deteriorate these important parts of your car. Worry not! In this blog, we will show you how to treat your trim.

Cleaning Trim Exterior Trim Maintenance Guide

Most exterior trim is made of vinyl, plastic or rubber. In new vehicles, a general wash will be enough. But, if you have had your car for quite a while, clean the trim using a soft polypropylene brush for best results. Apply a medium duty, citrus-based, multi-purpose cleaner. Read the product’s label for further instructions. Just keep in mind that strong or under diluted solutions can stain the painted panels next to the trim you are cleaning.

Dressing Protectants

In the market, you will find many dressings for exterior trim. We recommend selecting water-based dressings for frequent detailing or express jobs.

Another option is silicone-oil-based products that will give your plastic that shiny effect desired by some car owners. Or go for a low-gloss product, for a discrete look.

By following these easy tips, you will give a fresh appearance to the trim and make your car look even greater after a thorough wash.

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