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The Appearance of a Car Is a Reflection of the Owner’s Lifestyle and Personality

Whether you are a car enthusiast or just need it for work or transportation purposes, the truth is that we end up spending a considerable amount of time in our vehicles, and to some people, it is almost like a second home due to long commutes. Given today’s busy lifestyle, it may come as no surprise to start seeing garbage and dirt piling up in them.

However, not taking care of cleaning your vehicle periodically will start to take a toll sooner rather than later both on the outside and on the inside, not to mention the dirty car smell… Keeping your car clean and sparkling actually has a lot of significant benefits, as detailed below:

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Better Resell Value

Keeping your vehicle dirty for long periods can have an effect on its value and lifespan, as excess dirt and winter road salts can lead to corrosion. The more you take care of your vehicle now, the more likely you are to get a better deal on it when it’s time to upgrade or sell.

Improved Driving Safety

Believe it or not, a clean car impacts not only your safety but the safety other vehicles around you as well. Dirty or splotchy windows and mirrors can cause blind spots around your vehicle, plus if your taillights are covered in dirt or snow, the cars behind you won’t realize that you are breaking, increasing the chances of an ugly accident.

Improved Health

A clean and de-cluttered vehicle can go long ways in keeping your stress levels down while on the road. Damp, sweaty, and dirty seats and carpets are also an ideal substrate for bacteria and mold to grow, leaving you to breathe them in and increasing your chances of becoming ill or suffering respiratory problems. Not to mention the unpleasant dirty car smell…again!

Improved Self-Esteem

The state and appearance of your vehicle say a lot about you. If you drive around in an old, beaten up car full of stuff, it can be pretty awkward and definitely doesn’t make a good impression. Don’t get us wrong; you don’t need an expensive new car to look good either. All you need is to be a responsible owner and take pride in keeping your ride sparkling, as how you take care of your assets is a reflection of you and of the way others perceive you as well. A clean vehicle will always make you feel and look more confident and happy!

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