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We are a Certified Green Car Wash

Environmentally friendly car wash Denver

Mike’s Auto Spa is proud to be one of the first Certified Green Car Washes in Colorado. We understand the responsibility we share in creating and maintaining a thriving and healthy community and being considerate of the environment while doing our job is part of our DNA.

We have systems in place to recycle up to 85% of the water we use, and our proprietary blend of eleven cleaning and polishing solutions are non-abrasive and environmentally safe. We never use any products that contain hydrofluoric acids, helping to keep your vehicle, the environment, and our employees safe during the car washing process.

Our Hybrid Car Wash System

Using a hybrid washing process ensures that we can remove all harsh abrasive particles that are on your vehicle without damaging the paint. First, we’ll apply high-pressure water to remove all dirt and grime from the surface before it enters the car wash tunnel.

We then repeat this process by first using a hot, foaming, environmentally safe detergent to all surfaces of the car. The soap is allowed to rest on the surface before the second application of high-pressure water, which safely removes the remaining dirt. Then, we apply soft cloth cleaning wraps that work with our own secret blend of cleaning and polishing solutions, providing a non-abrasive and environmentally safe way to clean and polish your vehicle.


Mike’s Auto Spa is a one-stop car wash shop, focused on providing only the highest quality vehicle cleaning and care services with the best customer attention and prices in Metro Denver. Bring your vehicle to us for a complete car wash at any of our two locations, and we guarantee it will leave our facilities sparkling inside and out!