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Preventing Damage to Your Car from Autumn’s Falling Leaves

As Autumn kicks in, leaves start to fall, covering anything that is in their path. Even though leaves look like a beautiful kaleidoscope on your lawn, they do damage when it comes to your car paint job. If this organic material is left for too long, the acid from the decomposition process will completely break through your vehicle’s clear coat. As a result, you will end up with dull spots or peeling paint. Worse, your car may even rust making it look neglected and diminishing its resale value. But, worry not, our expert car detailers share with you some ways to prevent damage to your vehicle from fallen leaves.

Park Your Car in Leave-Free Areas

Park your car in a garage or any covered area, away from falling leaves and avoid parking underneath trees. If you can’t find a parking space that’s not under a tree, try to choose a tree that has already lost most of its leaves. You can also use a car cover to protect your vehicle not only from leaves but the elements.

Removing the Leaves from Your Vehicle

keeping your car clean during Fall

The best way to do this task is by hand. Avoid using a broom or blower as this method can damage the finish on your paint. Check the air conditioning system, the undercarriage, and the exhaust pipe for hidden leaves. Don’t let them sit on these areas for a long time, as they could rot, leading to rust and bad odors.

Wash Your Car on a Weekly Basis

After removing the leaves, it is highly recommended to wash your car. This is important because this organic matter can leave behind acidic remnants that can wreak havoc the paint. Washing your car in fall will ensure there are no leftovers in your car. When the season is towards its end, wax your machine after you give it one last wash to remove any trace of any lingering acidic leaf material. The wax finish helps prepare your car for the winter season.

Should you need help keeping your car clean during Fall, bring your car to Mike’s Auto Spa in Westminster, Colorado. We have the best car detailers in the area.