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Keeping Your Car Clean In Between Washes

We all love the feeling of a good-smelling clean car after spending a good amount of time cleaning its interior. However, between washes, it is easy for our vehicles to accumulate remnants of our bad habits quickly. We have all been guilty of stacking personal belongings in the trunk and forgetting about them or stuffing some rubbish in the center console, but it does not take long before they start a mess in such a small space. Luckily, it easy to keep your car clean if you adopt these six quick and easy habits.

Don’t Eat or Drink in Your Car

This is most probably the number one cause of getting crumbs and spills inside your ride, not to mention the rubbish left behind such as wrappings, straws, and bottles. Simply by not eating or drinking in the car, you will automatically reduce the trash in your vehicle.

Keep Plastic Bags Handy

professional car detailerHaving plastic bags in the car is always useful, as they transport dirty shoes, wet clothes, toys, pens, and the many other things that make their way into your car. Keep them in a box under the seat or the glove box. Also, if you have to inevitably eat or drink in your car, you can put trash away. Always remember to empty it regularly to keep funky smells at bay.

Kick Your Shoes

Your shoes track everything from dirt and mud to road salt and snow into your vehicle. Stomp your feet or kick your shoes before you get into the car to remove any excess debris that may still adhere to them.

Remove the Mats

habits for a clean car stomp your feetAn excellent way to avoid dirt dust, mud, sand, or any debris that may accumulate over time is to remove the mats of your car and to give them a shake every now and again to make cleaning your floors easier when the time comes.

Keep Windows Closed

You can reduce dirt and dust build-ups by making it a habit of closing all windows wherever you are not in your car.

Take It In, Take It Out

You will be amazed how effective it is to cut down on clutter if you remember to empty your car of belongings every time you get out.

Getting your car professionally cleaned between every two weeks to a month is another great way to keep your precious possession looking pristine. At Mike’s Auto Spa, we have the best car wash packages in Westminster, Colorado. Browse our website to learn how you can enjoy discounts without the wait!