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Making Your Vinyl Boat Seats More Pleasing to the Eye

Even though vinyl is very good at withstanding water exposure and regular wear and tear, it has its limits. If you don’t care for your vinyl seats properly, time will take a major toll them. All those little pores and creases that make vinyl comfortable, good-looking, and soft are also a perfect place for of dirt, mildew, mold, sunscreen, and other contaminants to accumulate. Over time, your beautiful vinyl seats will look dull and old. Worry not! In this blog, you will learn how to easily clean your seats to make them more pleasing to the eye.

What you need:professional boat detailers colorado

  • Marine vinyl seat cleaner of your choice
  • Clean water, and if possible distilled
  • Clean Rag

Dampen the rag with water and add a little bit of the cleaner products on it. Gently wipe any visible contaminants off your vinyl seats. Finally, wipe away any excess cleaner.

It is very important to use a cleaning solution made specifically for vinyl to preserve the waterproof coating, especially if your vinyl cushions are new.

Additional Boat Cleaning Tips

Always read directions on your marine vinyl seats cleaner.

Never use bleach on your vinyl seats. This product is harsh for vinyl and will cause it to break down over time. Plus, using bleach increases the damage of bleaching any fabrics nearby or carpeting on your boat.

You should remove any tree sap or mildew as soon as you detect them. Both contaminants, if left for a long time will damage the material. Tree sap will sink into your seats making them look dirty. Use a citrus-based cleaner to eliminate it. With time, mildew will start to smell bad and break down the vinyl. To avoid this from happening, use a mold killer and a cleaner.

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