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Five Car Washing Don’ts

You put a lot of effort into making your car looking good, so you want your ride to stay in pristine condition as long as possible. The best way to do this is by doing a thorough wash with lots of attention to detail. In this blog, we will show you the don’ts immediately followed by the do’s of washing your car.

1. Failing To Do A Pre-Shampoo Rinse

The reason you cannot skip out on this step is that you will most probably leave your car’s surface with abrasive contaminants that could leave unsightly marring. Pre-rinse will loosen debris like grime, mud, and sand, so you can start washing your car confident that it will not be scratched due residue build ups.

2. Accidentally Scratch Your Paint

Never forget to take your jewelry off (rings, bracelets, your watch, necklaces, a belt, or anything else that could potentially scratch the paint) before you start washing your car. You can leave these items inside.

3. The Baby Shampoo Trick

If you use this product, do not let it sit in the car too long, especially in the sun. Otherwise, you will risk of getting areas of faded paint on your vehicle.

dirty vehicle back window

4. Read and Follow Directions

Even though you can use baby shampoo for washing your ride, not all cleaners are safe for your car’s surfaces. Lysol and dishwashing liquid, for example, are terrible for car paint. Instead, there are many car cleaning products in the market that you can use.

5. Washing Under Direct Sunlight and Using Harsh Soaps

These two are common mistakes, and both jeopardize the plastic, the glass, and the paint job on your car. Not only your ride will look older than it is, but stains caused by hideous watermarks (when left in the car too long) will decrease the resale value of your precious possession. Use only non-abrasive products, and by all means, always wash your vehicle in a completely shaded and ventilated area. Also, let the vehicle’s surface cool off before beginning.

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