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Get Your Car Wash Membership to Make Your Car Shine

Keeping your vehicle clean is a reflection of who you are. No matter the type of vehicle you own, if you are a responsible owner, caring for your car will bring some rewards. Give your ride the required maintenance, and keep it clean and tidy; it will also make you look and feel good!

At Mike’s Auto Spa, we want to help you be proud of your car and make your first impressions the best possible throughout the year. That is why we offer Car Wash Membership Plans that help you save money and precious time, lifting the burden of worrying about washing your car at home over the weekend.

How Does It Work?

With Mike’s Auto Spa Fivestars Rewards Program all you need to do is ask to get signed up for the Five Star membership card at no cost! Here are our offerings:

Fivestars Rewards Program

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  • 5 Points – $2 off any Service over $10
  • 10 points – Free Premier Wash
  • 20 Points – Free Extreme Wash
  • 25 Points – Free Meguiar’s Hand Wax
  • 35 Points – Free Carpet and Seat Shampoo
  • 100 Points – Free Complete Detail
  • 150 Points – Free Signature Detail

Starting on 1/1/2018 Membership Customers will be able to accumulate one FiveStars point per month.

Mike’s Auto Spa is a full-service car wash in Westminster, Colorado that provides complete automotive detailing, fleet services, and windshield chip repair. We are a locally owned company that values relationships and trust we create in our communities. We also take great pride in being a certified Green Car Wash in Colorado, recycling up to 85% of our water and only using quality, eco-friendly, safe soaps, polishing and cleaning products.

Wait no more! Make it a new year’s resolution to maintain your ride sparkling in 2018 with the best car washes in Denver. Contact us for additional details!

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