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A Simple Guide to Make Your Engine Bay Look Like New Again

Dirt or excess oil don’t do any good to your engine. In fact, when your vehicle’s engine is clean, it can cool off more efficiently, there will be less wear and tear on bearings and pulleys, you can spot out leaks, and there is less risk of dirty particles going into your filter.

Don’t wait until it is too late. Below are some steps on how to detail your engine bay like a professional car detailer.

Cleaning the Engine Bay Step by Step

Before you begin, make sure the engine is cold. Also, protect the alternator and any exposed air intake filters with a plastic bag.

This procedure should not be done with the engine running or warm. You will need:

  • A degreaser solution
  • Protectant
  • Protectant applicator
  • Brush or cloth

detail your engine bay

The process should take no more than 45 minutes depending on how dirty the engine bay is.

1) Apply the Degreaser

Mist a gentle but powerful degreasing solution of your choice across the engine bay, including fluid containers, hoses, and the underside of the hood. Let it sit for at least two minutes.

2) Take Away the Dirt

Agitate visible buildups of dust and dirt with a brush or rag. A small brush is very helpful as it gets into those hard to reach areas with ease. Then, apply a fine mist of water starting top down to rinse away the contaminants. Next, spot-treat any remaining parts and re-rinse the bay down with a slow stream of water.

3) Dry the Engine

Use a microfiber towel to dry the engine bay top down. You can also use compressed air to help remove any small pools of water that are hard to reach.

4) Final Steps

  • Finally, you can use specialized products to add a like-new finish to any faded vinyl, plastic, or rubber parts, and also apply your favorite protectant to the surface.
  • Never apply the protectant or cleaners to any mechanical pieces like moving belts and fans.
  • Don’t forget to take away the bags you used to protect non-water friendly parts.
  • Follow these steps every six months to keep your engine clean and well protected.

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