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Tips to Clean Your Bumper the Right Way

Nowadays, bumpers are made of chrome or chrome-plated materials, others are constructed with a number of plastic and rubber materials. The detailing method of each type of car bumper changes depending on the material of the bumper. Here is a guide so you can detail and clean this important part of your car correctly.

Chrome-Plated Car Bumper

As with any other part of your car, first, wash it with non-abrasive soap and then rinse it off thoroughly. This will reveal rusted areas. If you see flakes, then it is best to replace it. Otherwise, continue by scrubbing off your bumper with a steel wool soap pad. Use plenty of water while scrubbing it gently. For hard to reach places, use of toothbrush and a soft scrub cleanser. Then, eliminate the lingering cleanser by simply using clean water. Finally, dry it with a drying towel.

Tips to Clean Your Bumper

To take the cleaning process to the next level, you can apply a coat of chrome polish and rub carefully with the help of a cotton cloth.

Plastic Car Bumper

Use of mild soap or buy a good car-washing product. With a soft bristle brush, scrub the automotive product onto the bumper. For better results, you can rub in some plain white vinegar to take spots or stains away.

Detailing your bumper

Spread a lacquer thinner on top of the plastic area to get rid of paint stains on the bumper. Repeat this step until the stains disappear. Proceed by washing the bumper area with water. Finally, get a vinyl cleaning gel and put some on a soft cloth and apply it to the plastic surface. Then, with the help of a toothbrush, scrub the product uniformly.

Detailing your bumper takes time and patience. If you do not have enough time to care for your vehicle, bring it to Mike’s Auto Spa. You can definitely hand over the job to our car detailing experts. Please visit our website to learn more about our car detailing packages in Colorado.