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Removing Highway Paint from Your Vehicle

Few things frustrate car owners more than finding highway-striping paint on your car doors, tires, rocker panels, and wheel wells. Removing it takes mostly expertise, patience, and the right tools. Here are a few hacks from our expert car detailers to try.

Rinse the Road Paint

If you notice your car has some road paint stuck to its exterior surfaces, you should rinse it off as soon as you can. Try to do it before it begins to settle, to avoid severe damage. Stop the car and find a gas station or car wash.

Use Gentle Soap

How to Remove Highway Paint from Your Car

Use gentle soap applied with a towel. Scrub as much as possible, carefully. You can use any non-abrasive soap.

Use Cleaner Wax

Waxing your car will not only do wonders removing highway-striping paint but other contaminants. Use a cleaner wax following the instructions from the manufactures, as it is a fairly harsh product. However, it has the power of removing things like light tar and paint that may compromise your paint job, avoiding bodywork.

Use Tar and Bug Remover

This type of cleaner removes more than just tar and bug splatter. Buff off paint, bugs, or tar, appling the product as indicated on the label. Start rubbing it in a circular motion. Repeat this until the highway-striping paint disappears.

By catching the problem on time you will not need sandpaper to get rid of the paint. Sanding and repairing is an invasive and expensive method that involves removing panels and takes longer to complete.

Let the Professionals Restore the Beauty of Your Car

At Mikes’ Auto Spa, we have been helping Coloradans keep their vehicles in pristine condition. Whether it is highway-striping paint, bug splatter or tar, we can help. We have the best crew and tools to safely remove contaminants from your car paint. Please visit our website to check our car wash & detailing packages.