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Detailing Your Car the Right Way

Caring for your car can seem to be a pretty straightforward task, however, there are several factors to keep in mind to protect it from damage. Detailing experts from Mike’s Auto Spa are here to show you the five things you should know before you clean your ride.

No Household Cleaning Products

This rule is critical to follow. Household cleaning products are formulated to remove stubborn grease, oil buildups, and stains. Dish detergents, hand soaps, and shampoos contain harsh chemicals that will strip away the protective wax finish on the paint of your car. Instead, always use a car-cleaning product specially created for removing impurities from your car hassle-free.


washing your carIt is crucial to pre-rinse your vehicle. When you work your way on the paint without eliminating the excess of dirt, any tiny foreign particles present will cause scratches, which will damage the clearcoat. Because these particles are almost invisible to the human eye, you won’t be able to see or feel these scratches happening, but in the long run, they will cause serious damage.

Use Clean Tools

This includes microfiber towels, clay, water, and any other equipment that will touch the car paint. The whole point of washing your car is making it look better. Using dirty towels or soapy water will only make impurities spread through your car’s paint over and over again.

Under Shade

Hot Colorado days can quickly dry the soap and water on your vehicle, which will result in water spots and mineral deposits, making your car look dull. Never wash your car under direct sunlight, instead, try washing it under a shaded area, during the coolest part of the day.

Washing Frequency

Washing your beautiful possession every two weeks helps keep the paint in pristine condition.

If you don’t think you have the time to embark on this task, consider taking your car to a professional car wash shop like Mike’s Auto Spa in Westminster, Colorado. Call us at 303-460-3866 to learn about our detailing packages.