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Take the Winter Grime off Your Vehicle and Make It Happy!

Despite the unique beauty and awesome seasonal sports we can enjoy, winter can be tough in a lot of ways, the most obvious being the freezing temperatures. Depending on the severity of the storms that come by, quite often we also have to deal with several inches of snow piled up on our front yards, walkways, roads, and even on vehicles that were parked outdoors.

driving in the Colorado winter

One of the most dangerous aspects of winter in a populated area are the treacherous driving conditions that arise when melted snow freezes over and the roads get covered with ice. At Mike’s Auto Spa, we want you and your family to stay safe and sound during the winter, so we have previously covered this topic in our blog with tips for driving in the Colorado winter.  

As a result of the weather conditions and the road salts used to melt the snow on the roads, keeping your vehicle clean during the winter in Colorado is one of those tough aspects of the season that we were talking about. However, let’s not panic and despair, since just because something is difficult, it doesn’t mean it is impossible to accomplish!

Avoiding Winter Slosh Buildup and Corrosion on Your Ride

Given that keeping your car clean for a few days or a straight week gets harder during the winter, you may be tempted to simply not wash it at all or very seldom during the season. However tempting it sounds, we strongly advise you NOT to follow that logic!

Rust is the biggest threat that vehicles exposed to road salts face. The corrosion mostly affects the undercarriage, and the damage can extend to the exhaust and muffler systems, coil springs, and even the frame of the vehicle. So you see, washing your car regularly – especially during winter – is not only for aesthetics, but also to extend its lifespan and to help you feel good about it and less stressed during the testing commutes that you may face.

Best car wash in Denver

At Mike’s Auto Spa, we clean where you can’t reach! Harsh dirt and dangerous salts simply have no place to hide from our special Underbody Wash with Rust Inhibitor, which will clean and protect the critical underside of your vehicle. All of our high-quality car washes include our own personal touch, fast service, vehicle prep for a better clean, and towel finish for a cleaner look.

Bring your Denver vehicle to us for a complete car and underbody wash to any of our two locations in Lakewood or Westminster, and we guarantee it will leave our facilities sparkling inside and out!