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Keeping Your Car Clean During the Coldest Months

With all the holiday season shopping and decorating it is easy to forget about your car. However, just like every other season, winter brings in new challenges to your car. That is especially true when it comes to corrosion; your vehicle will be more susceptible to damages provoked by road salts. Here is a list of things you can do to keep your car clean during winter time.

Use Rubber Items

Things made of rubber will keep your car carpet from becoming dull. You can replace carpet with rubber as well as your regular floor mats with rubber floor mats.

Switch to Steel or Alloy Wheels

During the winter, your wheel and tires become more susceptible to the new challenging elements. If possible, replace your wheels with steel or alloy versions. Another good trick is to spray some protectant treatment on your snow tires. A professional detailing service center can help you with this task.

winter car washing at home

Regular Washing

Try to wash your car every ten days during the coldest months of the year. Avoid washing your car when the temperature is below 40 degrees. For better results, do it during the daylight hours so you can let your vehicle dry before the evening temperature drops again.

Use Baking Soda

Add baking soda to the wash water to help dissolve dried salt on the surface of the vehicle. Warm, soapy water (ammonia-based) and wash-mitt are the best tools for winter car washing at home.

Dry Thoroughly

Once you have finished with the washing and rinsing tasks, it’s paramount to dry your ride thoroughly. Leave the doors open so that any trapped wash water can dry out and moisture won’t stay trapped.

Wax It

Wax and seal all surfaces of your car once it is completely dry. Warm the rag used to apply the wax to help the product to adhere to the cold metal surface more easily.winter car detailing

Should you need help to wash your car in winter, bring it to Mike’s Auto Spa. Our expert dealers will be more than happy to help you maintain your vehicle clean during winter. To learn about our car wash packages in Colorado, call us at 303-460-3866.