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The Dangers of Dust on Your Wheels

Brake dust occurs when the rotor wears down and it produces a fine powder residue. The pads have metal filings, carbon fibers, and an acidic adhesive. It is pretty sticky and accumulates in every nook and cranny of the wheel. Do not let the highly corrosive brake dust to sit on your wheels, as it can pit the metal.

Brake dust can cause gummy deposits that are difficult to remove. Beware of highly acidic cleaners because they can ruin the finish on your wheels.

Cleaning Your Wheels

Start the wheel detailing with the least aggressive method: use gentle car wash soap and water. Preferably, at the same time, you wash the rest of your car. To prevent spreading brake dust to other parts of your vehicle, it is best to clean your wheels last.

Eliminating Brake Dust

The adhesive and hot metal particles can actually push into the finish of your vehicle’s wheels and cause marks that are not easy to remove. In some cases, a car wash cleanser is not enough to remove the marks, so you have to take a more aggressive approach.

Choosing The Right Wheel CleanerEliminating Brake Dust

The secret to choosing an effective cleaner is to know your vehicle’s wheel type. Older wheels may be anodized or polished, while there is usually a clear coat protecting modern aluminum wheels. On bare uncoated aluminum, it is generally okay to use an acidic cleaner, However, you want to avoid doing this on an aluminum wheel due to it wearing off the clear coat. You can find cleaners that are safe to use on wheels that have a clear coat on them and you should make sure to use this to protect the coating. You can do a spot test on your wheels to ensure that the cleaner is gentle enough to use.

Waxing Your Wheels

Protect the shine of your wheels by applying a coat of wax so that the dust settles there rather than on the surface of your wheel. The next time you wash them, the brake dust should loosen much easier from the wheels. Ensure continued protection from the way by putting a coat on following each wash.

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