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Get Rid of Growing Mold in Your Car

Mold refers to several species of fungus that can grow inside your car and spread rapidly. It is more prone to develop in damp conditions, which can quickly occur in your vehicle if you leave your sunroof or window open on a rainy day, or if you spill some liquid on the floor, mats or upholstery. Not only will mold make your car smell and look bad, but it can cause permanent damage if you do not address it immediately. Here is how to remove it safely.

Prepare the Car for Cleaning

Contrary to what we always recommend to remove mold from your car, you have to park it out of the shade and in direct sunlight. Then, open the doors and windows. Leave them open for at least 30 minutes to let your vehicle air out.

Access the Affected Area

Before you begin, put on a pair of latex gloves and a mask to protect you from the mold spores.

Check the interior of your car to determine precisely how much mold is in your vehicle and where exactly it is located. Usually, it will build upon porous or absorbent surfaces like around the seats, carpet, and flooring. You will be looking for white to green or grayish-brown or black, large circular clusters.

remove mold from your car


Apply a designated biological upholstery cleaner and let it sit for around 6 minutes. Then, remove it with a vacuum cleaner.

Thoroughly Clean

Spray the affected area generously with a mix of white vinegar and water. Mix eight parts vinegar to two parts water, and give it a good shake. Work in with a damp microfiber towel. Ideally, you should use a wet vac extraction machine along with clean, warm water to draw out all of the residues.

Once you get rid of the mold, keep your car clean and dry to prevent it from car detailing packages in the area

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