The long-standing commitment to affordable quality carwash services that Mike’s Auto Spa has maintained over the years has allowed our company to open three full-service, one-stop car wash shops in the Denver Metro Area. All three of our locations provide the same high-quality car washes, interior detailing services, and windshield chip repair.

We are also committed to giving back to our community and to protecting the environment from harmful chemicals as much as we protect your vehicle from them. When you wash your car in your home’s driveway with commercial car-washing products, you may be unknowingly releasing dangerous compounds into the sewer and drainage systems. At Mike's Auto Spa, we are proud to be a certified Green Car Wash, recycling up to 85% of our water and using only environmentally safe soaps and polishing/cleaning products.

Professional carwash Services to Clean and Protect Your Car

If you are a native Coloradan, then you know what the weather is like in our state and what a challenge it can be to keep our vehicles clean. Fortunately, at Mike’s Auto Spa, we are a locally owned and operated business that understands how the weather in Colorado behaves, and most importantly, how the dirt and road salts from slushy roads can affect and damage your vehicle.

We provide a comprehensive line of carwash services to help you take care of your car, protect it from the damaging elements, and keep it looking like new even after many years.

The Best Full-Service Car Wash Shops in the Denver Metro Area

Visit any of Mike's Auto Spa locations throughout Metro Denver and see for yourself why we are the premier carwash provider for all of your vehicle care and cleaning needs. Besides being one of the first Green Car Washes in Colorado, we use only state of the art car-washing equipment, employ highly trained staff, and provide a personalized customer service experience, so you receive great value for your money each time!

Mike’s Auto Spa offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you are not completely satisfied with our carwash, we’ll re-wash your car for free! We provide a highly efficient cleaning process that will extend the life of your vehicle by removing harmful chemicals that can prematurely damage the rubber, glass, chrome, and metal surfaces of your car.

Apart from our reasonable, affordable prices, we also have different membership plans that adjust to your needs and let you enjoy unlimited full-service car washes. Visit our premier car wash shop in any of our Denver Metro locations today and experience a technologically-advanced, environmentally-friendly, full-service car wash with the best customer service in the business!