Mike’s Auto Spa is a full-service car wash with convenient locations to serve you better. We also provide complete automotive detailing, fleet services, and windshield chip repair in Denver. We are a locally owned and operated business that values the relationships and trust we create in our communities, as we put our customers first and promise to provide the best paint restoration in each visit.

At Mike’s Auto Spa, we also understand the responsibility we share in creating and maintaining a thriving and healthy community, so we actively support local schools and organizations with fundraising campaigns; plus we are environmentally conscious and take great pride in being one of the first certified Green Car Washes in Colorado! We recycle up to 85% of our water and only use environmentally safe soaps and polishing/cleaning products.

Full-Service paint restoration to Clean and Protect Your Vehicle

Colorado is known for its beautiful natural landscapes, outdoorsy culture, and harsh weather. It is no secret that sometimes we get pounded by heavy rain and even hailstorms and that we may get several feet of snow all at once. Since most of us use our vehicles for transportation during those crazy weather episodes, they end up being all dirty and full of damaging road salts and slush underneath.

To avoid premature and unnecessary damage to your car, it is recommended that you have it often washed, especially after one of those bad storms. At Mike’s Auto Spa in Denver, we offer professional full-service paint restoration and a special underbody wash with rust inhibitor that protects the critical underside of your vehicle.

Certified Green Car Wash in Denver

When you wash your car in your driveway with commercial car-washing products, you are allowing harmful chemicals to enter the sewers and drainage systems, eventually damaging the environment.

Mike’s Auto Spa is one of the first certified green car washes in Denver.  We recycle most of our water and use only environmentally-friendly soaps and polishing solutions for our paint restoration services that won’t cause chemical pollution or damage. We are as committed to protecting your vehicle as we are to protecting the environment and community in which we live!

What makes us stand apart from our competitors is our signature high-quality paint restoration at an affordable price. We offer unparalleled customer service, have the best-qualified staff, and the most convenient prices and memberships in the business. Our experienced service advisors will examine your vehicle and recommend a particular car wash program and detail services that will restore your vehicle to its greatest potential.

Don’t wait any longer! Visit Mike's Auto Spa today and see for yourself why we are the premier car wash provider in Denver. We only use state of the art equipment and focus on providing a personalized customer service experience for great added value during your visit.