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The Dangers of Some Car Washing Methods

When taking your car to be washed by someone else, you will be presented with two basic options: auto-wash-machine and touchless car wash. Let’s take a deeper look at these washing methods.


This style of car wash uses brushes which are very effective for eliminating built up road dirt or stubborn bugs. However, even if nowadays washing machines have “softer” brushes, the constant friction of the bristles with the vehicle’s paint may damage it. Usually, the bristles carry with them tons of dirt, not just from your car, but from the car in front of you, and the one in front of it, and so forth, which will eventually leave scratches and swirls on your car’s paint.

Touchless Car Wash

touchless car washingThis method uses chemicals and pressurized water. At first sight, it may seem harmless and soft to your vehicle exterior, but it is not necessarily safe. If not done correctly, a quick blast of water at close range with enough pressure is all it takes to ruin the car paint.

In sum, before taking your car for a wash do your homework. Consult trustable review sites or ask your friends or family for a reliable car washing company that uses the best products and most recent techniques to avoid unwanted imperfections in your car.

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